Canadian chefs 'Chuck and Danny's (RV) Road Trip' airing on Food Network Canada, Friday 9 p.m. ET/PT
Canadian "celebrity chefs and good friends Chuck Hughes and Danny Smiles are on a cross-country culinary RV adventure," according to a blurb on Food Network Canada. This epic Canadian culinary odyssey airs on Friday evenings at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Food Network Canada. (c
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For quick, easy, eye-popping potluck campground recipes ... check out Janet Groene's 'Camp and RV Cook' blog
Longtime cook, traveler, boater and RVer Janet Groene offers recipes, tips and techniques to help you prepare healthy meals within the confines of a small space. Janet said: "I have lived for months at a time with no oven in remote areas where I had to bake bread, c
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Books for cooking on the go: 'Manifold Destiny' and 'Diesel Dining'
If you are looking for a holiday gift for an RVer (or long-distance trucker) consider one of these on-the-go cookbooks. Nearly 20 years ago, Chris Maynard and Bill Scheller opened the world's eyes to the beauty of car-engine gastronomy in the original "Manifold Desti
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RVer Jimmy Smith wakes up and smells the coffee
Whether heading down the open road on a bicycle or in a recreation vehicle, Jimmy Smith starts each morning with a cup of coffee. In his latest post in "Another View," he reflects: "I’m just now making a correlation between the search for meaning and the pursuit of
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'Cooking in an RV kitchen' -- part 4 - Additional hints, resources
This is the fourth, and final, installment of  ‘Cooking in an RV kitchen” by four RV cooking experts and authors: The Cooking Ladies–Lamont Mackay and Phyllis Hines; Janet Groene; and Evanne Schmarder.Five additional small space hints - Clean as you go. Keep v
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'Cooking in an RV Kitchen' -- part 3 with Janet Groene
This is the third of four installments of ‘Cooking in an RV ” featuring four RV cooking authors including Janet Groene.In addition to planning simple menus, most RVers consolidate their equipment and utensils. They make sure that every cooking item has multiple pur
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'Cooking in an RV Kitchen' -- part 2 with Evanne Schmarder
This is the second of four installments of ‘Cooking in an RV kitchen” featuring four RV cooking experts including Evanne Schmarder.“There are certain tricks that can help RVers have a pleasant RV kitchen experience,” says (left) Evanne Schmarder, host of the R
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'Cooking in an RV Kitchen' -- part 1 with The Cooking Ladies
This is the first of four installments of ‘Cooking in an RV kitchen” featuring four RV cooking experts and authors including The Cooking Ladies.What do RVers love more than camping?  Eating of course. RVers relish eating around a campfire, crowded in a trailer
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Quiet Thanksgiving Day 2010 on Lake Seminole
This time last year we were in Big Bend National Park and shared a Thanksgiving Dinner with a couple from Maine. Jimmy made 'beer can' chicken over the BBQ. This year at the Corps of Engineers Eastlake Campground he is baking a roasting hen in his treasured Dutch ove
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RVer Jimmy Smith muses over 'Life in a campground'
Day-to-day life in a campground can get pretty quiet and fairly simple ... but that doesn't mean nothing happens.  Nocturnal visits, chance encounters, monster Catfish, and Dutch oven biscuits fill one's day with meaning. Read RVer Jimmy Smith's 'Another View' by cl