‘Cooking in an RV Kitchen’ — part 3 with Janet Groene

This is the third of four installments of ‘Cooking in an RV ” featuring four RV cooking authors including Janet Groene.

In addition to planning simple menus, most RVers consolidate their equipment and utensils. They make sure that every cooking item has multiple purposes. Chances are you don’t use all those spatulas, knives and wooden spoons.

Author and RV Cooking Show host Evanne Schmarder says that her “colander drains pasta, rinses beans, strains broth, and acts as a basket for fruit and veggie washing; but it is also a powdered sugar and flour sifter, as well as, a nifty device to remove too much salt from a bag of nuts.”

Canada’s The Cooking Ladies “use a little cooler to hold our spices. Our footstool, with a removable lid, holds our surplus bottled water,” says Mackay.

As for equipment,Cooking Aboard Your RV’ author Janet Groene (above) recommends a combination microwave and convection oven. “It is a wonderful convenience.”

“We have traveled overseas in self-drive boats and RVs,” continued Groene. “In both instances the travel experience was richer because I shopped in local food stores, learned local products and cuts of meat, and bonded with local women when I asked how to prepare durian or hogget or conch.”

The Cooking Ladies, who have been RVing for 15 years, love to barbeque and frequently move their meal preparation outdoors. “We always travel with one or two of our favorite grills,” says Hines. They also stretch cupboard space by using stackable pots and pans, and collapsible measuring cups.

Schmarder’s number one go-to utensil is her 8-inch Global Chef’s Knife. “While I also have a small paring knife,” she says, “the Global does it all. It was definitely a splurge but I’m sure it’ll last forever.”

Next in the final installment of  recreation vehicle cooking tips, our experts give additional organizing hints, topped off with a list of RV cooking books and Websites.

To recap:  ‘Cooking in an RV kitchen’  part 1, click here. For part , click here. For part 4 click here.


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