‘Cooking in an RV Kitchen’ — part 1 with The Cooking Ladies

This is the first of four installments of ‘Cooking in an RV kitchen” featuring four RV cooking experts and authors including The Cooking Ladies.

What do RVers love more than camping?  Eating of course.

RVers relish eating around a campfire, crowded in a trailer on a rainy day, or tailgating at a football game.

“Food is entertainment,” says Lamont Mackay, (left) co-author with Phyllis Hines, of ‘‘The Cooking Ladies’ Recipes from the Road.‘ “Most of our RVing experiences are centered around food.”

Traveling in a recreation vehicle is “all about independence,” says ‘Cooking Aboard Your RV’ author Janet Groene. One has mobility, plus a cozy little home complete with a kitchen.

Being able to prepare meals in your own kitchen is “cheaper and healthier than eating road food all the time,” adds Groene. “Eat out when you choose, but having food on-board allows you choices.”

It goes without saying that the average RV kitchen is tiny. Appliances are small and the overall counter space is frequently not much larger than a good-sized cutting board.

“There are certain tricks that can help RVers have a pleasant RV kitchen experience,” says Evanne Schmarder, host of the ‘RV Cooking Show.’

All of these experienced cooks will share more of their insights in Cooking in an RV kitchens, part 2, click here. For Part 3, click here. For Part 4, click here.

Photo: The Cooking Ladies, Lamont Mackay (left) and Phyllis Hinz, love to cook outside and always travel with one or two of their favorite grills. (Courtesy of The Cooking Ladies)

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