‘Cooking in an RV Kitchen’ — part 2 with Evanne Schmarder

This is the second of four installments of ‘Cooking in an RV kitchen” featuring four RV cooking experts including Evanne Schmarder.

“There are certain tricks that can help RVers have a pleasant RV kitchen experience,” says (left) Evanne Schmarder, host of the RV Cooking Show.

The simple adage of “having a place for everything and everything in its place” is critical when applied to organizing an recreation vehicle’s cooking area.

If you are always frantically searching for an item you need, says Schmarder, “you won’t feel very Zen in the galley. Organize your pantry in a way that makes sense to you and allows you to ‘shop it’ without effort and recognize when an item needs to be replenished.”

‘Cooking Aboard Your RV’ author Janet Groene adds: “As soon as pantry food (as opposed to refrigerated items) comes on board, I mark its use-by date with a pen. That helps keep supplies in rotation.”

When it comes to organizing compact kitchens, Groene is an expert. “During the ten years we were happily homeless,” she explains, “we wintered in the tropics in a small sailboat and in the summer we went to cooler climes in the RV,” a 21-foot type C motor home.

“I have learned to plan food supplies to give us the most nutritional value per ounce, per dollar and per cubic inch. I do a lot of from-scratch cooking and that cuts down on packaging and trash,” says Groene.

To recap:  ‘Cooking in an RV kitchen’  part 1, click here. For part 3, click here. For part 4 click here.

Photo: RV Cooking Show host Evanne Schmarder creates easy and savory meals in her RV kitchen. (Courtesy of RV Cooking Show / Ray Schmarder.

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