RVer Jimmy Smith muses over ‘Life in a campground’


Day-to-day life in a campground can get pretty quiet and fairly simple … but that doesn’t mean nothing happens.  Nocturnal visits, chance encounters, monster Catfish, and Dutch oven biscuits fill one’s day with meaning.

Read RVer Jimmy Smith’s ‘Another View’ by clicking here and scrolling down to today’s date.

Photo: Jimmy’s Dutch oven biscuits. (Julianne G. Crane)

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  • Rita and Charles:
    When we looked out the window and saw your rig was gone … we figured something was a foot.
    Thank you so much for being “good neighbors” and for sharing your catfish, grits and gracious hospitality.

  • Jimmy and Julianne,
    Sorry we had to leave without wishing you safe travels, but Charles became very sick with a bad “bug”. We had to leave a day earlier than planned with some extra help from our son from Tallahassee. He is much better today and seems to be on the mend. We enjoyed meeting you and sharing our catfish and cheese grits with you. I’ve enjoyed your blog!

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