‘Cooking in an RV kitchen’ — part 4 – Additional hints, resources

This is the fourth, and final, installment of  ‘Cooking in an RV kitchen” by four RV cooking experts and authors: The Cooking Ladies–Lamont Mackay and Phyllis Hines; Janet Groene; and Evanne Schmarder.

Five additional small space hints

Clean as you go. Keep valuable counter tops clear so you don’t feel overwhelmed with all the dishes.

Use thin, flexible plastic cutting mats that come in all sizes. After chopping vegetables or nuts, you can pick it up, bend it in the middle to form a funnel, and dump everything in a pot or bowl. These mats are inexpensive and can be stored standing up on their edges in the slightest space.

– When possible have multiple uses: measuring cups as mixing bowls and cooking vessels as serving dishes.

Drop leaf or gate-leg tables add valuable counter space and can be stowed when not in use.

– Speaking of stowing, when putting supplies away, keep heavier items as low as possible. “Never forget that an RV is a vehicle that has to keep you safe at 55 mph. Shifting loads can affect braking and cornering,” says Cooking Aboard Your RV author Janet Groene.

RV cooking book, Websites, hotlinks

The Cooking Ladies’ “Recipes from the Road: Stovetop Creations and Travel Adventures” by Phyllis Hinz and Lamont Mackay (Ten Speed Press). TheCookingLadies.com.

– “Great Getaway Grilling” by Evanne Schmarder (RV Cooking Show). RVCookingShow.com.

– “My RV Kitchen and Favorite Recipes” by Vicki Kieva. (RV Travel Adventures). RVKnowHow.com.

– “The RV Centennial Cookbook: Celebrating 100 years of RVing” by Evada Cooper. (TSTC Publishing). MobileRVAcademy.com.

– “Cooking Aboard Your RV” by Janet Groene (Ragged Mountain Press). CampAndRVCook.blogspot.com.

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