RV motorhome, chassis can ‘legally’ be different years


Dandridge, Tenn., RVer John Nolan. Source: WATE TVDon Dare, a reporter with WATE television in Knoxville, Tennessee, interviews one RVer who learned his 2007 Pleasure Way motorhome was built on a 2006 Ford F-350 chassis.

Retired auto worker John Nolan said the dealer didn’t tell him the truck part of the motorhome is a 2006. “I thought I was buying a 2007, F-350,” Nolan said.

“The unit was sold as a Pleasure Motor home and is titled as a 2007 Pleasure-Way. The chassis portion, or raw van, that pleasure way built the coach on was a 2006 Ford chassis. This is usual and customary in the manufacturing of recreational vehicles,” Nolan read from the letter from the RV dealership. 

See a video clip and read more in “Dandridge RV owner learns part of new purchase isn’t so new.”

Photo: RVer John Nolan. Source WATE.com

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  • Last summer I bought a used 2006 Roadtrek 170 with only 6,023 miles on it. I was told I would receive all the warranties just like on a new van. I discovered when it was delivered that it was on a 2005 Chevy chassis. Needless to say, I was not thrilled about that! I was assured that conversion companies typically build RVs on chassis of a different year.

  • I remember when I had to return to Maryland from California to answer a summons to have my emissions on my ’87 Chevy 350 checked within 20 days or pay a $30 a day fine. After crossing the country in order to comply, I found that the motor home was an ’87 but the Chevy engine and chassis was an ’86 and would never pass the standards for the ’87 listed on the tittle. I spent a lot of money proving that my land yacht was running at peak performance and had to move away from Maryland as the records would not be corrected by state officials.Happy in the west.

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