Sleek new rugged truck camper design


Being a truck and camper RVer myself, I am intrigued by the XP Camper, a unique, hard sided pop up camper, manufactured to individual order by a San Francisco company.

According to a posting on Truck Camper News, the XP Camper’s designer, Marc Wassman, “says he was a truck camper enthusiast, discouraged by the evident flimsy design of typical truck campers. Disgruntled by rigs that broke and parts that fell off every time he left the main road, Wassman set out to design a new concept of a sturdy vehicle that users could really use–not have to fix–when out in the sticks.”

RVers can buy the shell for $23,500 or a “completed rig with many bells, whistles, and diesel fired appliances for $75,000.”

Read the full posting by clicking here.

And, check out the full package on the XP website.

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  • The XPCamper is a very innovative design, unlike anything else available in North America. I’ve just returned from a few days in the backcountry with Marc and his camper and am most impressed with the attention to detail and well thought out systems approach he has taken.

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