‘Fuel savings on RV makers’ minds’


Rodd Cayton writing in (Riverside, Calif.) The Business Press reports that Kevin Broom, spokesperson for the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association says ….

“Motor home manufacturers increasingly work with the Class C Dodge Sprinter chassis, rather than the larger, thirstier Class A choices, Broom said. Makers of travel trailers have been using different materials that reduce their weight, allow for a smaller tow vehicle or put less strain on a bigger engine.”

“Perris (California)-based MVP RV * (see note below) hopped on the lightweight bandwagon with production of a new Coast travel trailer that weighs about 1,000 pounds less than similar-sized models.”

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*I could not find a Web site listed for MVP RV. But I did find an informative article about the new (revamped) towable RV manufacturer. If you are interested in reading about this former ‘Thor California’ company, go to another article written by Rodd Cayton, this time in the Riverside Press-Enterprise, click on: “Locals hope RV company will roll far.” For a peek at MVP RV’s light weight (26-foot, 4,500-pound) travel trailer “Coast” click here to watch a Press-Enterprise video.

Photo: MVP RV Chief Operating Officer Pablo Carmona inside the manufacturing area. (Silvia Flores / The Press-Enterprise)

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  • We are considering converting our 2003 F 350 diesel daully to daul fuel
    diesel/propane. Has anyone else considered this or already converted?
    Propane is a couple of bucks cheaper than diesel and burns cooler and increases MGP. Would be interested in anyones experiences with converting to daul fuel. Realize you have to start the engine on diesel and switch to diesel for long periods of idling. Comments appreciated. God Bless, Joe & Betty

  • I’ve had a Class B converted Sprinter from Great West Vans for 3 years. Couldn’t be happier with it. I travel solo so there’s ample room for me and my stuff. It is easy to drive through cities, even in the busiest of traffic, 21 ft long so there’s always room for me at campgrounds, and with a small mercedes-benz diesel it’s very fuel efficient getting 23 mpg US at moderate speeds.

  • We owned a TrailManor trailer prior to our Cl. A Winne. It collapsed vertically and horizontally when traveling, 17 ft long, 5 ft high towing, 27 ft long, 8 ft high set up. I towed it with a Jeep Cherokee, and it was so low and light I frequently forgot it was there, using only 3mpg more. I once had a trailer tire tread peel off, because I was doing 75 at the time! Suffice to say the tire isn’t designed for that. By the way, I stored it in a 2 car garage, a!ger than a car, now.

  • I’m an American Buyer for sure, in everything except jet skis and ATV’s. The RV Industry’s slow and incomplete response to the need for smaller towables is shocking to me. I have seen on the web the small 5th wheel trailers they make in Australia and the super cool utes they haul them with. One version of those utes we are supposed to get soon; a new Pontiac “El Camino” with various powertrains up to 6. 0 ltr V8 w 6sp trans. Even better is the crew cab version of same vehicle, I’ve seen pics of many makes and combinations. Back to my main point; they have a variety of 5th wheels weighing around 3000 lbs to 3500 lbs. They have been making these for yrs, and they are pulling them with V8 sedans basically, just cut into a pickup, and we are just now thinking about it ? I have seen some models made in the early 80’s that were small 5th wheels, besides the “Casita” or related brands. We need them now and we want to tow them with our smaller trucks, just like the Aussies to. They too haul a jet ski or motorcycle behind their 5th wheels too, so the hauling sedan has to have some guts, but even my Dakota 4wd 5sp V8 gets 24 on the hwy.

    Another thing for RV and Auto manufacturers. We need more manual transmissions. That’s why I have a V8 that gets up to 24 hwy because I choose to shift. I know I can get better milage than a slushbox automatic, lockup TConv and all. I would buy a chassis mount RV on a Dakota w stretch chassis w approx length of 18-19 feet too, but Its got to have a manual trans to be affordable to me. No tag axles either, they waste fuel and tires. Make it LIGHT NOW!!!

  • On Class A Diesels, space,storage and appearance are very important. Heavy tiles and marble are not necessary. Neither is 600 HP. All you need for horsepower is enough to get up a moutain grade at 45 mph. The smaller the engine the better the fuel economy. Case is point is the Cummins ISB

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