Molded Fiberglass Trailers, Part 2 — ‘Casita is a tight little pod’



In addition to being lightweight and easy on fuel, molded fiberglass rigs are designed to be durable, sturdy and simple to maintain.

After 28 years as a tent camper, Judy Holmes of Tyler, Texas, purchased her first recreation vehicle in 2011. “I bought a used 38-foot Foretravel Class A motor home and, while I found it to be easy to drive, it needed more intricate maintenance than I wanted as a single, camping female.”

Last year Holmes took a trip over to the Casita plant in Rice, Texas, and left with a 2012 17-foot Casita Deluxe travel trailer. “It is much less complicated to operate and maintain than the motor home,” said the retired social worker. “I like being able to unhitch the trailer at the campsite and go off on excursions in my SUV. With the Class A, I couldn’t do that unless I towed a car behind the coach.”

Holmes and her partner, John Gannon, have traveled throughout Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Arkansas. “With air conditioning and heating, I never hesitate to go places in any season of the year,” said Holmes. “The Casita is a tight little pod.”

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In Part 3 , Tom and Martha Jo Trostel of Arlington, Texas, share how their 1980 Bigfoot is lightweight enough to be towed by their minivan.

Part 4 ‘Manufacturers, online resources’ features current fabricators of these rigs.

Photo: Judy Holmes and John Gannon, of Tyler, Texas, love traveling in the easy to pull 2012 17-foot Casita Deluxe. (Julianne G. Crane)

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