Roadtrek’s RS E-Trek green travel van, but at a price


This past week, I’ve been doing research on type B motor homes for an article I’m writing for Motor Matters and I ran across Roadtrek’s nifty RS E-Trek–an “Environmentally Conscious” travel van.

According to press material provided by Roadtrek, the E-Trek is designed and manufactured with three things in mind:

“Environmentally conscious – this E-Trek product has less carbon emissions, and far more e-conscious resources and equipment are used in manufacture and function.

• “Technology advantages – E-Trek uses the newest technologies to make the unit more functional and flexible for you. You get longer times off the grid, day tripping, weekending, and having fun.

• “Simpler use – There is much less to do, to use this unit than a conventional RV. You don’t have to learn much, (just a little bit), and you have luxury travel at your fingertips.”


“The unit uses its primary fuel, diesel, to power heat, and the hot water through its combined heating core. These appliances use far less fuel than conventional propane, or electricity, and are far easier. No lighting the stove with an open flame. No plugging in needed for electricity – (unless you want to). Of course, the knowledge that your Mercedes engine will run reliably to run the vehicle, and your generator when needed.

“All the other key functions of the E-Trek are powered by electricity, and you have great technology to deliver that:

• “Generator – The 3.0 Litre Mercedes diesel engine, at idle, is used as the power plant that feeds 3.5 KW of power to the electrical system, running everything when driving or parked. When driving, it is even more powerful, and charges at 5.5 KW.

• “Solar – The unit boasts a large roof mounted 245 Watt Solar Panel, that charges the batteries in daylight, and is an excellent battery maintenance tool.

• “Inversion and Charging – The unit has a large 5000 Watt inverter, that has battery protection and a power save mode, that will help protect the owner from running batteries down needlessly when activated. All appliances will run, all outlets will run, all off the batteries. No hassles.

“Eight Auxiliary AGM Batteries – Designed to give you hours of “off the grid” comfort, depending on what you run, and environmental factors. They will charge from solar, and the engine generator, easily, and quickly due to a comprehensive charging and electrical control system.”

The Roadtrek’s E-Trek – MSRP from U.S. $127,686. If you can afford the price, the features certainly provide a tremendous amount of independence and freedom from having to be hooked-up to land power.

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