Solo RVer Meg Brubacher never alone with her traveling menagerie


Canadian solo RVer Meg Brubacher is spending her second winter in America’s Sunbelt.

Her traveling menagerie include three (Sister, Annie and LouLou) of her four rescued dogs.  “The old guy, Scout, who is 16, is staying behind with my niece.”

With more than a year RVing under her belt, Meg is considering a larger rig.

“Although I love the smaller RVs for many reasons (ease of driving, gas mileage),” writes Meg in a recent e-mail, “I am now full timing and I find it crowded with the dogs. Also I don’t have room for visitors or grandchildren. And I need more storage!”

“I still need to think long and hard about this decision because with two of the dogs being older I may not need extra room one day,” she adds. “It won’t be easy to change to a different RV after getting this one set up the way I like. Plus there is an emotional attachment, not unlike one might have with any other home. Perhaps we attach to our RV even more due to the fact that it is the most consistent aspect while traveling.”

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Photo: Meg Brubacher and her pet companions Sister, LouLou and Annie. (Julianne Crane)

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