2015 ‘Big Rigs Best Bets Campground Directory’


Big-Rigs-CoverBig Rigs Best Bets Campground Directory” by Ken and Ellie Hamill (K & E Big Rigs Publishing, 15th edition, 2015, 512 pages, spiral-bound [lays flat], $24.95, plus shipping and handling).

The ‘Big Rigs’ directory includes more than 1,200 parks in 49 USA states and 8 Canadian provinces. There are also 710 acceptable fuel stops and 305 restaurant tips included.

There is now an online version with the extremely helpful added feature of  satellite views of all parks.

“This is the single best reference for RVers who travel with big motorhomes or large travel trailers,” said RVTravel.com publisher Chuck Woodbury. “What sets this apart from other campground directories is that the authors have visited every park in the book. They even include recommendations on specific campsites and local attractions.”

Julianne G Crane

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