Truck campers = Cozy RV living space


Because of my renewed interest in truck campers, I dug out an old article I wrote for The Spokesman Review on Vi and George Chambers of Spokane, Wash.

I remember liking them immediately because of their upbeat personalities and positive outlook on RVing in the cozy space of a truck and camper.

“Basically with our camper,” says Chambers, “we can go anywhere our truck can go. We’ve taken it out for four-month trips and haven’t had any problems finding a place to park.”

As for the smaller living space, Chambers admits that it can get a tad bit snug for two people at times.

“You just have to make a little space for each other,” he says. “After more than 40 years together you learn these things.”

The Chambers are members of the North American Truck Camper Owners Association.

Photo: Vi and George Chambers’ Ford pickup and 2004 Snowriver camper. (Photo courtesy of Vi and George Chambers)

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  • Buying a truck camper is often the easiest and most affordable way to become an RVer, especially if you already own a pickup truck. Campers have many of the same features as a motorhome, but in a smaller space, and they cost less. Most people can store a camper at home, saving storage costs. Remote control camper jacks make it easy to set up camp in a few minutes and then you are free to drive the truck anywhere. A truck and camper get better gas mileage than a heavier RV.

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