Organized RV tours, Part 4 — Upsides of RV caravans


Full-time RVers David and Lynn Cross of Mesa, Az., have taken part in 15 caravans and rallies. These intrepid travelers put more than 95,000 miles on their 2007 41-foot Monaco Executive motor coach, visiting 49 states, 13 Canadian Provinces and Territories, and 32 Mexican States.

“We love to visit national and state parks, museums, historical sites and battlefields, state capitals and attend local festivals, picnics and farmers markets around the country,” said David Cross, a retired information security specialist.

Upsides of RV caravans

1. The social interaction is a bonus on caravan trips, with group activities during the day, as well as, social hours in the evening so RVers can interact with other caravanners.

“While on trips we made many new friends and really enjoyed the camaraderie these trips have,” said Cross. “That is when we decided that we really wanted to do more of this type of traveling. These trips allow you to get an overview of the area. Then you can decide if you want to go back another time and explore in greater depth.”

Adventure Caravans wagonmaster Barry Klein added, “We can’t see everything on one tour, but people can get the flavor of the place, a little taste.”

2. All the itinerary arrangements have been planned and made well in advance including events, activities and site reservations. Tour outfitters take care of all the details, leaving nothing but packing left to the participants.

Most organized RV outfitters offer expert wagonmasters who know each destination inside and out, and tailgunners who follow the caravan in case someone needs assistance. Participants frequently say that they go to attractions and places they would not have gone on their own.

3. Caravans help ease the fear factor of novice RVers. “We like the idea of a caravan for the safety and security of knowing the tour guides know where to get repairs done, if needed,” said Sandi Miles, retire human resources manager.

“In the case a vehicle breakdown or any other unforeseen event,” said Nel Filliger of Fantasy RV Tours “support staff are there to help solve the problem, offering safety and peace of mind.”

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Next, in Part 5, we’ll take a look at some potential pitfalls to organized RV tours.

Photo: Fulltimer RVers Lynn and David Cross (on a Yucatan Caravan), are veterans of 15 organized RV tours. (Credit: Lynn and David Cross)

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