Organized RV tours, Part 5 — Potential pitfalls


The same items that might be seen as advantages for traveling on organized RV tours to some, may appear as negatives for other RVers.

Potential pitfalls

– It depends on your personality and traveling style. If you are an RVer who likes to travel at your own pace, you may not want a defined schedule. A month-long planned itinerary may be overwhelming.

“However,” said said Barry Klein, longtime wagonmaster for Adventure Caravans out of Livingston, Tex., “we don’t all travel in lock-step. We have scattered leaving each morning and don’t go down the road nose to toes like elephants in a row.”

– If group activity is not what comes to mind when thinking of RV travel, then caravans may not be the way to go.

“These trips are designed to appeal to a variety of personalities,” said veteran caravanner David Cross. “Some people like museums, some like shopping, some like eating out, while other like old forts and battlefields. You will get too much of some stuff and not enough of others.”

Tours can be pricy. Costs vary widely depending on itinerary, number of days and activities. They range from a few hundred dollars for a rally to more than $25,000 for international caravans. Expenses not covered include fuel costs, souvenirs, individual side trips and personal food.

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Next, in the final installment, we look at a few RV tour companies.

Photo: RV tours by Adventure Caravans end each day with all rigs rendezvousing at a designated RV campground. (Credit: Brian Fearon/Adventure Caravans)

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