Isaac Caldiero — America’s First ‘RV’ Ninja Warrior



Isaac Caldiero, the first winner of NBC’s ‘American Ninja Warrior,’ is also America’s first (almost full-time) RV Ninja Warrior.

For the most part, Caldiero, 33, and fellow rock climbing ninja, Laura Kisana, 30, “live on the road and travel all over the place” in their 1978 Dodge Jamboree class C motorhome.

“Last year, in the months prior to the start of competition, Caldiero built a replica of a Stage 3 course in the backyard of his parents’ house in Orem, Utah. This year, he and girlfriend Laura Kisana decided to hit the road and travel to rock-climbing sites instead,” according to an article by Cynthia Wang in People Magazine.

With his winnings, Caldiero plans to share the money with his family, replace the engine in their ’78 RV, and keep living the RV lifestyle by climbing and traveling the country with Kisana, according to an article by Jeremy Olshan on MarketWatch.

He says his life hasn’t changed “a whole lot, other than we’re just living the dream,” in an article by Erin Udell in the Coloradoan. “I can’t wait to see where it takes us.”

IsaacCaldiero_DavidBecker_NBCJulianne G. Crane

Images: Top: Screen shot from Bouldering in Saint Georage Vimeo featuring Isaac Caldiero and Laura Kisana (with their 1978 Dodge Jamboree class C motorhome). (Source: Phil / Shibidaang and Inspired Climbing)

Bottom: The newly crowned first American Ninja Warrior in Las Vegas, Nev. (Source: David Becker/NBC)

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