RVing Millennials, part 2: Outdoors enthusiast loves freedom, flexibility of 4-WD truck and camper


-DavidMcKitrick-Alaskan_JulianneGCraneIn general, young adults, age 21-35, are interested in outdoor activities that are highly compatible with RVing, including kayaking, mountain biking, off-road four-wheeling, skiing, or scuba diving.

Outdoors enthusiast David McKitrick, 30, of North Dakota appreciated the freedom and flexibility of a 4 WD truck and camper during his 6,000-mile trip this spring.

McKitrick chose a 2016 Ford Super Duty F-350 and a rugged 2013 low profile pop-up Alaskan camper. “I was able to explore backroads and discover remote locations to camp,” said the life-long rancher.

Once at camp, the Alaskan’s sides telescoped for a roomy, walk-in living quarters with insulated, weather-tight walls and more than 6-foot high ceiling.

The combined hauling and stowing capability of McKitrick’s rig made it a breeze to carry his off-road motor bike and provided room enough to store his hunting, fishing and camping gear.

“It’s great being able to chase down a forest service road where most campers simply cannot go, and at the end of the day know I’ll have a water tight camper with protection from rain and cold,” said McKitrick.

In the next installment on RVing Millennials we will talk with urban dwellers Meagan Beaver and Alissa Jackson of Portland, Ore., who escape the big city in their little teardrop trailer to breath in nature.

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Julianne G. Crane

Photo: David McKitrick of North Dakota travels in his 2013 pop-up Alaskan camper on a 2016 Ford 350 Super truck.Julianne G. Crane

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