RVs for Autumn, part 3: SUV set embrace tiny, rugged pull-behind teardrop trailer for off-grid camping


There is growing interest in smaller, rugged pull-behind teardrop trailers by urban anglers who want to get away to a secluded lake, cast a fishing line and catch a memory.

TerraDrop_tent-SUV-forest“You don’t have to own a huge truck to pull a TerraDrop. It is perfectly happy behind a small SUV, or Jeep,” said Jon Christianson of Oregon Trail’R . “The 8-foot TerraDrop is designed and built to allow you to go places you would otherwise have no access to with a less capable camper. It makes off-grid camping really doable. TerraDrop allows you to explore the outdoors un-tethered by the limitations of traditional RVs and trailers.”

According to Christianson, “One of the main things that is driving the resurgence of teardrop trailers is that people want to reconnect with the outdoors and have a ‘real’ camping experience. Teardrops are great because you still spend the majority of your time outside, and you fully experience all the things the area you’ve come to visit. At the same time you are afforded with a very comfortable, and secure place to sleep, as well as a convenient place to cook your meals.”

With options including a high capacity water tank, a high performance AGM battery, solar integration and a built-in propane system, “TerraDrop can be configured for long trips without need of hookups and dump stations,” said Christianson.

Depending on options, the tough TerraDrop can range between 1150-1600 pounds, making it easy to tow with almost any vehicle.

Part 4 of a 5-part series on Autumn RVings will talk about sport utility RVs that haul motorized toys for active family camping trips.

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Julianne G. Crane

Photo: The rugged TerraDrop trailer by Oregon Trail’R is perfectly happy behind a small SUV making off-grid autumn camping really doable. (Photo courtesy: Oregon Trail’R)

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