Goliad State Park in South Texas Plains



Goliad State Park on the banks of the San Antonio River in south Texas offers a variety of family-friendly opportunities to explore nature, birds, butterflies, native vegetation. There are four live-oak forested campgrounds from full-hookup RV sites to more primitive tent areas.

Within easy walking distance of the RV campground is the beautifully restored Mission Espiritu Santo.  (Click here for more information posted on RV Short Stops.)

There are also walking/bicycling paths to both the historic downtown of Goliad (about one mile north) and south about one mile to a complex featuring the Presido La Bahia, Fannin’s Memorial, Angel of Goliad statue and Birthplace of General Ignacio Zaragoza.

GolidadSP_worms_JulianneGCraneThe only downside, and it was huge for me, was the infestation of worms in the shower stalls. (Click on photo at right for an enlarged view.) Sorry, I just couldn’t get around them. They were also hanging out in the toilet stalls.

I took several pictures and showed them to the people at the ranger’s headquarters. They seems to be surprised and said they would take care of it. A woman did go and clean up the stalls in both the men’s (yes they were there also) and women’s facilities.

However, the next morning another huge colony was back crawling up the walls. Now, I realize it is humid in Texas and we are, after all, camping. However there should be some way to take care of this. Those worms are coming from somewhere. And, we did pay $25/night fee. For this I would like two things: toilet paper and clean shower stalls.

Text and photos: Goliad State Park campground (Julianne G. Crane).

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