RVing widow Judy Howard becomes author after traveling ‘Coast to Coast with a Cat and a Ghost’


JudyHoward_4_cat_CU_JulianneGCraneJudy Howard has traveled solo with her pet companion, Sportster, for 11 years in her 1997 24-foot Class C Winnebago Itasca.

She wrote her first book about her 3,000-mile trip in 2004, shortly after her husband passed. Coast to Coast with a Cat and a Ghost (2011) is a memoir about her loss. “But more importantly,” she says, it is “about my new beginning as an RVing widow.”

When asked if she runs into trouble on the road traveling alone, Judy says: “No. I am a fanatic about maintenance and repairs.” And, she reports, “I keep a low profile when I stay in a rest stop, Wal-Mart or truck stop.”

But unexpected things happen, she adds. One challenge came when she was traveling I-70, near the Eisenhower Tunnel west of Denver.

“I panicked because I wasn’t sure of the clearance for my motorhome,” she recalls, “so I took the detour, Loveland Pass. At 12,000-feet elevation, almost straight up, I white-knuckled the steering wheel through hairpin turns all the way to the top and back down. I will never forget that ride.”

Learn more about Judy, Sportster and her road to becoming an author of three books (and working on two more) by clicking here for an article on WomenRVers.blogspot.com.

Julianne G. Crane

Photo: RVer Judy Howard and travel companion Sportster. (Julianne G. Crane)

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