‘Boondocking’ part 2 — Marianne Edwards of Frugal RV Travel.com


This is the second of three postings on Boondocking.

Frugal-rv-travel.com blogger Marianne Edwards and her partner Randy Sturrock travel in a 2002 Roadtrek class B van camper and are big dry-camping fans.

“We bought an RV so that we could have all the comforts we need with us,” said Edwards. “We don’t need the facilities offered by campgrounds, so why should we pay $35 to $40 per night just for a place to park?”

Besides, she added: “The boondocking settings we find on public lands are very often superior–more natural and scenic–than the organized campgrounds, and the sites aren’t squeezed in as tightly together.”

When traveling straight through from one destination to another, some RVers are only looking for a flat spot to park and may choose to rest overnight at a truck plaza or casino parking lot.

Sometimes called “pavement camping,” many big-box stores, including Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Target, Costco and Sam’s Clubs, allow RVers to park free overnight in their lots. RVers don’t “camp” in any sense of the word – trailers usually stay hitched to vehicles, no slides are deployed, no lawn chairs or awnings are put out.

“When on the move and just looking for a quick stop of one or two nights, or in areas where boondocking is difficult to find,” said Edwards, “we also camp for free at the invitation of other RVers that we found through BoondockersWelcome.com. It might be in their driveway or a field on their farm.”

If you missed the other two posts on boondocking …  with dry camping expert and RV author Bob Difley; or with  full-time RVers Becky and Paul Bates about their ‘independent camping,’ click here.

Julianne G. Crane

Photo: RVer Marianne Edwards found this “little gem of a boondocking area on public land just east of Zion National Park in Utah.” (Photo by Randy Sturrock)

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