Earth-friendly RVs, accessories on the rise


Erin Simpson writes in the Santa Cruz (Calif.) Sentinel reports that at least 18 percent of RV owners are using solar panels.

“While green RVs aren’t mainstream yet, experts agree the industry is moving in that direction,” writes Simpson.

“‘It’s basic supply and demand,’ said Michael Nohr, manager of the Pleasanton-based 21st Annual Manufacturers’ RV Show, which runs May 15-25 at the Alameda County Fairgrounds. ‘Consumers want more green features, so manufacturers are beginning to respond.'”

The article lists several ways to help you be a green RV owner:

Keep the speedometer between 55 and 60 mph to conserve fuel.

Don’t idle – idling for 10 seconds generates more carbon dioxide than restarting.

Turn off the lights when you don’t need them and use LED lights in lieu of traditional bulbs.

Keep engines well-tuned to conserve energy and reduce emissions.

Live light — literally. Carrying less in your vehicle increases fuel efficiency.

Read more in “Earth-friendly recreational vehicles and accessories on the rise as consumers demand more green options.”

Photo: Use the power of the sun to charge RV and auto batteries, plus run accessories. Sharpe solar module and high-efficiency polycrystalline cells convert sunlight to electrical power. Camping World

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  • The other suggestions are fine, but the far-too-general statement of “Keep the tire pressure at about 100 pounds to reduce rolling resistance.” is BAD ADVICE! An RV’s tire pressures should be determined by the tire capacity and the loaded, down-the-road weight of the rig, not by some arbitrary number! If I tried to inflate my RV’s tires to 100 pounds, they’d blow off the rims long before reaching that pressure. Please don’t post inaccurate, misleading, and possibly dangerous information!

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