Meandered the Napa Valley skirting Bay Area traffic



After a long, long 8-hour drive yesterday down a wet, slow and winding Hwy 101 through Redwood Country, this day we decided to meander through Napa Valley along CA 128/29 in iconic Wine Country. And, as a bonus, we completely avoided any Bay Area traffic.

An easeful and peaceful day with very little traffic. The road was a bit curvy between Geyserville and Calistoga. We didn’t mind and pulled over whenever cars bunched up behind us. We always prefer to travel the two-line roads rather than Interstates … unless we are out running foul weather.

To read more about this meander, click on “Drifting through California’s Napa Valley” which I posted on RV Short Stops.

— Text and photo: Julianne G. Crane

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