RVer Jimmy Smith reminisces about his scouting days when Cub Pack descends on Goliad State Park
We were camped at Goliad State Park in the South Texas Plains region this past weekend when we were suddenly enveloped by an energetic pack of Club Scouts from the Houston area. RVer and former-Eagle Scout Jimmy Smith was overcome with memories from his Tenderfoot da
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Texas' Blanco State Park good central location for RVers visiting Hill Country
Texas' Blanco State Park is a relatively small state park that sits on 104.6 acres along the Blanco River, within walking distance of the small community of Blanco, south of Johnson City. It would be a good home base for RVers who want to tour the Hill Country and v
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Enter national parks free Nov. 9-11, still have to pay for RV and tent camping
As recent actions in Congress have illustrated, we can not take access to our National Parks for granted. Now that all our National Parks are open to us again (at least for the next few months), start planning for the last 2013 entrance free days at America's nati
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'Why are we silent?' asks RVer Jimmy Smith
"Out of fear of being wrong or ridiculed for stupidity some of us fall silent. Some of us never even experience our own unique voice. Most of us take early moments of failure or ridicule and never go out and play in the world again," writes Jimmy Smith in his most recen
'Ancient ones' pueblo at Utah's Anasazi State Park
Anasazi State Park Museum is one of those places that is not a destination spot on most RVer's Bucket List, basically it is out in the middle of just about no where. That said, however, it sits on Hwy 12, a National Scenic Byway, on the only route between Bryce Cany
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A quiet place in a cartwheeling world
Jimmy Smith reflects on these unsettled times in much of the world and Washington, D.C., while sitting in "a quiet place." As he looks around "peace prevails, soup warms on the stove, water comes freely from the tap." "And yet, I feel there is a storm cartwheeling a
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Seven State Parks while National Parks were closed
Timely news item sent in by Ruth Ridolfo of Ohio:  "Seven State Parks Instead of National Parks" (Update 10/17/13) While national parks are reopening their doors after  being closed for a couple weeks ... the state parks featured in this article still look like gr
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Some National Parks reopening with $tate funding
According to a news item on CNN.com, by this weekend national parks in Utah will be open: Arches, Bryce Canyon (right), Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, and Zion. An Associated Press article reports:  "So far, Utah, Colorado, South Dakota, Arizona and New York have jumpe
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Old friends everywhere in Escapees RV lifestyle
After leaving the Pineknot Molded Fiberglass RV Gathering, in Crocket, Texas, we headed southeast toward Rainbow's End RV Park -- the headquarters of The Escapees RV Club. The club was founded on July 4, 1978, by Joe and Kay Peterson to help people enjoy full-time RV
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Great fun at Molded Fiberglass RV Gathering, meeting people, kayak bass fishing
We did not run into one cranky person on all our walks through the rows of Casitas, Scamps and other rigs or during any of the  casual gatherings at the Pineknot "Molded Fiberglass RV Gathering" ... even all the pet companions (both dogs and cats) seemed happy to be
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