RVTravel features impressive article about how Government $hutdown is impacting national parks; million$ of American$


shutdownparksRVTravel.com associate editor Russ De Maris posted an eye-opening essay on how the Government Shutdown is affecting millions of Americans including the thousands of small businesses in communities near the parks that provide gasoline, food, hiking gear and camping spots.

“The National Park System hosts more than 282 million people per year, and more than 715,000 people per day in October. Those visitors spend about $76 million per day in communities near national parks,” states the article.

“An October shutdown is costing the National Park Service an estimated $450,000 per day in lost revenue from fees collected at entry stations and fees paid for in-park activities such as cave tours, boat rides and camping.

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And, consider contacting your federal representatives and let them know how you feel about this inappropriate behavior.

Photo: Courtesy of RVTravel.com

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