‘Why are we silent?’ asks RVer Jimmy Smith


Full_Moon_clouds_JulianneGCrane“Out of fear of being wrong or ridiculed for stupidity some of us fall silent. Some of us never even experience our own unique voice. Most of us take early moments of failure or ridicule and never go out and play in the world again,” writes Jimmy Smith in his most recent essay.

“Why am I silent? Why am I reluctant to write? Why am I unlikely to share my thoughts in a dark stormy night?” Find out by clicking on Jimmy Smith’s Another View.

Photo: Julianne G. Crane

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  • Jimmy:

    No fears on my part that you were going to off yourself — not with a pot of soup on the stove. (It’s a sin to waste food.)

    Earlier this evening while preparing to go to the gym (what a luxury), I caught a few snatches of news on NPR, including a reference to a “grandmother eating vegetables” who was apparently a victim of an American drone.

    Stories like that add weight to your present moment. They are a reminder that we don’t know what the future holds for us.

    Yes, there is a storm cartwheeling, and your eyes are wide open. I think that’s a blessing vs. eyes wide shut.

  • Jimmy your stories have become richer, full of humanity and yes bravery. You are seeing yourself more clearly and that in the sharing creates a crack for others and yourself where the light gets in. It is the door left open where hope begins. Hugs to you !!! Kay

    • Hey you guys,

      Let me me honest, I don’t follow every post…just too busy with taking care of my sanctuary and getting ready to head south for the winter….but I did catch Jimmy’s last post.

      I understand the feelings of “being silent”. I believe it comes from a new “awakening”, which I interpret as having a certain mind set and then awakening to a different mind set. It is strange and different from what we naturally or organically thought at one time but then transformed to a different way of thinking. Sometimes we can’t rationalize at first why we now think differently…but we do, whether we experience something emotionally, intellectually, spiritually or psychically. We achieved a shift and we can either share it or “be silent”. (Wouldn’t it be nice to find other people to be right where we are when we are there?)

      I think many may seem “to have everything figured out” but I view that as a trap for complacency and death of mind and spirit. I, for one would rather be on a search/journey of life. I share with those that listen and am silent with those that can’t receive. Something about “throwing pearls before swine” sometimes seems appropriate but then again maybe if you don’t then the swine don’t know what real pearls really are.

      Just a thought.

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