Vintage travel trailer art


Vintage Travel Trailer Art features print reproductions of numerous old towable RVs.

The artist, Paige Bridges of Northeast Texas, has been an RVer (along with her husband) for about ten years. They are the proud owners of a 1959 FAN Coach Co. (project) travel trailer.

In 2003 Paige started a series of paintings featuring small, vintage travel trailers.

“It has mushroomed into a delightful avocation of sorts and I plan to pursue it until the interest wanes,” states Paige on her Web site. “Right now, it is white hot! I have licensed several of my pieces as commercial Christmas cards through RV Enterprises of Montpelier, Vermont.

It’s just fun to click through the various images and wonder about the folks who own the old rigs.

Image: “Made for Each Other” shows a vintage 1976 Trillium resting besides the road, being towed by a 50’s era Jeep. A mountain bike is a clue that the owner plans to find a good spot nearby to camp and do a little biking. The scene is somewhere in Colorado, an outdoor paradise.” Source: Vintage Travel Trailer Art.

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