Sisters on the Fly, part 2 — ‘No Men, No Pets, No Kids and Be Nice’


+SisterscampfireSOTF_DavidFoxhovenThe rules for Sisters on the Fly, a women’s outdoor adventures group, are simple: “No Men, No Pets, No Kids and Be Nice.”

On their girls-only fishing and camping trips, about half the women pull small vintage trailers. Each rig has its own name and most are decorated with Western or outdoors themes.

There are teardrop and canned ham trailers from the 1950s and ‘60s that range in length from 12 to 16 feet. Makes include Shasta, Scotsman, Aloha, Airstream, Scotty, Holiday, Ziema, Aljo, Leigh, Crown and Empire.

Organizer Maurrie Sussman (Sister #1) owns “four or five” trailers, one being “Pretty Shield,” (below) a 1943 Franklin classic that is painted turquoise and accented with stylized Indian ponies.

“At the campground,” she said, “we open up our doors, pull out our tables and chairs, along with table clothes and all the little rugs.  It’s really funny.  We each have a little living room set up outside.”

+PrettyShieldMaurrieSussmans1943 FranklinSOTF_DavidFoxhovenWomen, however, do not need vintage trailers to join. Some Sisters prefer late-model recreation vehicles, tents, bed and breakfasts, or laying under the stars in a sleeping bag. Annual membership fee is $60.

Because of the sheer numbers of members, now more than 4,500, in addition to the dozen or so national trips, members gather regionally for adventures closer to home.

In part 3 of this 4-part series, Sussman talks about several of the group’s popular fly fishing and cowgirl trips.

If you missed part 1, ‘Having more fun than anyone’ in vintage trailers (Click here)

Photos by David Foxhoven  (Top) Members of Sisters on the Fly, with the amazing matriarch Mazie Morrison, 93, (in blue in the center), frequently get the “giggles” around the campfire.
(Bottom) Each of the vintage trailers in Sisters on the Fly has a name and many are decorated with Western or outdoors themes including ‘Pretty Shield,’ Maurrie Sussman’s (Sister #1) restored 1943 Franklin travel trailer.

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