The (Green) Rally 2009


If any of the “Green” RV folks attending The Rally 2009 in Albuquerque (April 17-20) are interested in boondocking, be sure to stop by Bob Difley‘s class “to learn more about camping without tethers.”

Also, “wilderness expert and survivalist, Brian Brawdy and his copilot will live in his biodiesel-powered Lance Model 1181 camper on The Rally grounds throughout the event,” according to The Rally website.

“Brian’s eco-RV draws its electricity from six solar panels and a wind turbine that allows him to generate and store electricity for various uses. In addition, Brian captures rainwater from the roof of his RV and then filters it for cooking, drinking and bathing. “

Photos: Colorful hot air balloons in Albuquerque. Bottom: Brian Brawdy and his eco-RV. Source: The Rally website.

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