Wow, now here’s an RV design worth pursuing


I’ve been tracking this innovative RV design since an item on Daily in 2009. And, unfortunately,  I can’t find that it has progressed passed the design stage.

The article reported on the Colim (Colors of Life in Motion), an environmentally friendly recreation vehicle that “bridges the gap between motor home, caravan and car, (it) can sleep a family of four and is more fuel efficient than a traditional motor home.”

The designer of this re-imagining of the recreation vehicle, Christian Susana of Germany, is “looking for a company to put the vehicle into full scale production.”

Read more the Daily Mail article about this innovative micro motor home by clicking here.

I did find another article on this concept RV published in August 2012 by RV writer Rex Vogel.

He wrote: “Dubbed a ‘lifestyle motor home’, the usable living area is flexible, with individually applicable multi function modules and offering the ability to customize its four mobile walls to fit a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and seating area.”

To read that full article on ‘Vogel Talks RVing’ click here.

Click on photos to enlarge: (from top) Detached Colim; all in one piece; inside. Courtesy of designer Christian Susana.)

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