‘Survivor Truck Bug Out Vehicle,’ not your average weekend camper


In an in-depth interview, Truck Camper Magazine writer Angela White talked with Jim DeLoziers, the driving force behind the ultimate Survivor Truck bug out vehicle.

A professional security consultant, DeLoziers “wanted a vehicle that could quickly evacuate his family in an emergency situation, and keep them safe and comfortable for weeks at a time, no matter what. When he couldn’t find a vehicle that satisfied his requirements on the market, he made one,” reported White.

The camper/living part is a pop-up Four Wheel Camper that was customized for specific needs. “We essentially have everything they offer, including the cold weather soft wall insulation pack.” The unit was permanently mounted on a Chevy C70 truck bed.

“The Survivor Truck is designed to be the ultimate bug out vehicle. It can carry enough water, gear, clothing, food, to support a family for weeks or months. There’s a lot to consider during a evacuation or survival event.” The article covers dozens of design and product decisions, complete with pictures.

Being a security consultant, DeLoziers said he also “designed the rig to accommodate the needs of the security industry, small police and military strike and surveillance teams, the border patrol, and firefighters working wildland forest fires.”

“About eighty percent of the build has been sponsored by approximately eighty sponsors,” he said.

Read the complete article by clicking on “The Survivor Truck Bug Out Vehicle.”

Photos: Truck Camper Magazine.

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