Stunning desert sculptures, all free for the looking–perfect RV Short Stop for Snowbirds


RV friends, Jane and Kevin Justis of Susanville, Calif., shared a photo of Jane (right) standing under a section of the 350-foot serpent created by artist/welder Ricardo Breceda.

“We were very impressed with this piece of art,” said Kevin.  “We have seen many of his pieces in the area and this is our new favorite.  It has a rattle on the end like a rattlesnake that makes an ideal inhabitant of that desert environment.”

The serpent is one of more than 140 stunning sculptures scattered across the southern California desert near Borrego Springs.

Known as the Galleta Meadows Sculptures, the menagerie are said to have roamed this same landscape from prehistoric to present times. The collection includes mastodons, dinosaurs, wild pigs, sabertooth tigers, ancient camels, longhorn sheep and wild horses.

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Julianne G. Crane

Photo: RVer Jane Justis of Susanville, Calif., stands under part of artist Ricardo Breceda’s 350-foot serpent near Borrego Springs. (Kevin Justis)

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