Taking a little camping trip through northern Idaho panhandle and western Montana


It’s camping time in the Inland Pacific Northwest and we’re off on a long weekend circle trip from Spokane, Wash., to northern Idaho for possible canoeing, and over to western Montana for soaking in some hot springs.

Rain is on the horizon, maybe even a thunderstorm or two, but we’re going anyway.  Just tossed in the rain slickers.

Jimmy has stocked the S & S truck camper’s kitchen (remember he’s the cook), loaded both our bicycles, and tied down our new (to us) 18-foot Wenonah Champlain kavler ultra-light canoe. “It weights less than a good-size sack of dog food,” says Jimmy.

We’ll let you know tomorrow where we landed for the night.

Photo: Jimmy Smith with our loaded camper minutes before heading north. (Julianne G. Crane)

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  • I have a similar S&S and want to carry my Canoe on top. How did you support and secure the front half of the canoe? I have a luggage rack on the back like yours, but struggle with what to do in the front! I would love a picture of your setup.

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