Car top tent camping = sleep safe above the mud, rocks and critters


If you are one of those holdouts who continues to love the open feel of tent camping … but you’re at the point in life where you want to sleep safe above the mud, rocks and critters — consider a Car Top Camper Roof Tent.

These tents are designed to be sturdy weather tight cocoons that can be mounted to the roof rack of virtually any car, truck, van, SUV or off-road adventure trailer.

Long a staple of African safaris and Euro-Australian holidays, these rugged car top tents offer comfort, convenience and economy.    They are easy to store, barely affect MPG and can go anywhere.

Within a few minutes, it opens easily into a nearly 8’ long sleeping space with plenty of room for two people and gear. View the following 2:40 minute YouTube video with a really cool sound track.

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