‘Sisters on the Fly’ love vintage trailers, fly fishing


SistersEncampmentI’ve been taking fly fishing lessons recently … and my thoughts have returned again and again to Sisters on the Fly ... a great group of gals I first ran across in 2004.

These women love three things: fly fishing, hot vintage trailers and cool Macabi skirts.

Read more about “Sisterhood hitting the road in style” in an article I (Julianne G. Crane) wrote for The Spokesman-Review.

Photo source: Sisters on the Fly.

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  • There’s a fabulous new book coming out on May 18th called, quite simply, Sisters on the Fly. It is about women who buy vintage trailers, restore them and take them out fishing to some of the most beautiful places in the United States and Canada.
    Please take a look at the book on http://www.amazon.com. Thank you, Irene Rawlings (Sister #1322 and author of the book)

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