‘Extreme Motorhome Racing’ video from BBC’s ‘Top Gear’ — more than a few laughs


motorhomeracing_BBC‘Extreme Motorhome Racing’ is a hoot in this video shown on BBC’s ‘Top Gear,’ a hugely popular television series about motor vehicles that is one of the most widely watched ‘reality’ programs on the planet.

In the video (below) motorsports reporter Richard Hammond ventures to the Essex Raceway in Essex, England, to pit his motorhome against a variety of other RV’s, including one driven by another Top Gear presenter, James May.

Richard explains the theory of living-quarters racing — “You have something to get there in, something to sleep in, something to race, and still have something to go home in.”

And, he adds: “The rules are simple: 15 laps and no body contact.” Who will be victorious, and what will be left of the others?

Julianne G. Crane

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