Cycle built for two (RVers) – spotted at Balmorhea State Park in windy west Texas


bikeTwo-front_JulianneGCraneTwo winter snowbirds from Colorado pedaled around Texas’ Balmorhea State Park on their home-crafted ‘quadicycle’ built for two.

This human-powered, pedal-driven, 4-wheel cycle was built from a kit designed by American Speedster who currently offers four adult and two kid models

The ‘Gulf Coaster’ (featured here) is a popular model that can carry a capacity of 300 pounds.

According to the website, this 4-wheel bike is “an excellent alternative to an expensive golf cart, or basic utility vehicle to run short-range errands like picking up a few groceries or a run to the post office.” Or … just around the block for exercise.

The cycle is built from common materials. The frame is 1-1/4 inch PVC pipe reinforced with a steel tube inside the lower rails. It is built with standard bike parts. No welding is required. Basic hand tools are used to assemble these cycles.

bikeTwo-back_JulianneGCraneBalmorhea State Park

This is the sixth time we’ve stopped at this high plains state park which sits at an elevation of a little over 3,200′ on the edge of the Davis Mountains, about 7 miles south of I-10 on Texas Hwy. 17.

As with the South Llano River State Park, we stop at this park becouse it is a perfect location for RVers traveling along I-10 between El Paso and Austin or San Antonio.

(To read more about our other visits to Balmorhea State Park, click here.)

Text and photos: Julianne G. Crane.

Longtime bicycle enthusiast Jimmy Smith asks questions about the construction of this sweet cycle.

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