How are the ants getting in the RV?


Jimmy Smith looking for ants (JulianneCrane) For the past few weeks, especially since the rolling cold waves descended on the Coastal Bend of Texas, we have spotted occasional ants scurrying across the ceiling of our camper.

Knowing that ants don’t travel alone, we’ve double and triple checked the exterior of the RV expecting to see columns of these pesky insects streaming up the jacks or along the hoses. Nothing can be seen coming in from the ground.

By process of elimination we’ve concluded they must be entering through the air condition (even though we’ve checked the roof a number of times, not seeing any evidence that a colony may have come across a limb touching the roof). A couple of days ago we purchased more ant traps and Jimmy climbed onto the roof of the Lance to place a few inside the external compartment of the air conditioner.

Our neighbor, Lee from Ohio, came over with a handful of mothballs. “Nothing works better to get rid of ants, mice and fleas,” he said. So Jimmy tossed them inside too.

If anyone has other suggestions, please send them along by way of the comments section below. We’re flummoxed.

Photo: Jimmy Smith looking for ants, setting traps on roof of Lance camper. (Julianne Crane)

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