Artist Andrea Zittel creates ‘living units’


In addition to writing about the RV Lifestyle, I’ve been an arts writer since 2000. One artist I was fortunate enough to interview a couple years back was Andrea Zittel who combined both my interests in visual arts and RVs.

Zittel is internationally known for designing and building customized, multi-purpose ‘living units’ that blur the edges of architecture, art and humor.

(Read two interviews I did with Zittel on “Julianne’s articles” page.)

I ran across Zittel’s name today on the SFMOMA’s (San Franscisco Museum of Modern Art) blog “Open Space.”

In “One on One: Apsara DiQuinzio on Andrea Zittel,”  SFMOMA curator of painting and sculpture DiQuinzio says, “Obsessive is perhaps an apt word to describe Zittel’s practice, which seeks to refine human living by developing architectural structures that assume myriad flexible and mobile forms: living units, travel trailer units, wagon stations,  cellular compartment units, and even breeding units.”

Those of you who find yourself in the San Francisco area can hear Apsara DiQuinzio, speak about Zittel’s work this Thursday, July 23, 2009, at 6:30 p.m.

Photo: “Travel Trailer Units,” 1995. Copyright Andrea Zittel. Courtesy of Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York City.

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