RVing with Kids, part 2: Connecting family with nature, each other


_Fall Afternoon Travel Trailer__RVIAAccording to a recent survey by RVIA, a recreation vehicle industry organization, the top reasons for increased RV use include enjoying outdoor activities, keeping children active, and seeing America.

A similar study in the United Kingdom by the Camping and Caravanning Club supports the U.S. findings. Upwards of 98 percent of parents who responded to the survey say that camping gives their kids the opportunity to appreciate and connect with nature. The study also reports that 95 percent of parents say their kids were happier when camping; and 93 percent felt that it provided useful skills for later life.

Another big benefit that RV camping offers U.S. families is cost, reports RVIA (Recreation Vehicle Industry Association). “A 2014 study by travel industry experts PKF Consulting found that a family of four can save 27-to-62 percent when they travel in their RV, even when factoring in purchase price, maintenance costs, and fuel prices.”

“In the grand scheme of things,” says RV mom Carley Alexander of WhereRVGoing.com, “what’s really important is connecting as a family. We have time to really check in with each other and have conversations around the campfire. We take long walks through the forest. We rekindle our desire to explore and see what’s up just ahead.”

In part 3 of this 4-part series on RVing with Kids we list a few tips from RV mom Carley Alexander.

For the complete series on RVing with Kids, click here.

Julianne G. Crane

Photo: The vast majority of people who camped as children said it helped them develop a positive appreciation for the outdoors. (Courtesy of RVIA)

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