RVing with Kids, part 3: Planning tips from RV mom Carley Alexander = involve kids early


-kidsapplesfifthwheel-rviaRV mom of three young boys Carley Alexander of WhereRVGoing offers a few tips for fun, successful RV camping trips with children.

1. Planning is key.  “You don’t have to arrange for every detail of your trip, but having your options mapped out is a good way to avoid hearing the exasperated, ‘I’m bored.’”

2. Researching with the kids.  “The Internet is full of blogs and websites where you can learn from other people’s experiences. Combine that information with resources like the National Parks’ websites, and you and the kids will have a full list of activities to choose from. I know including my family in the research step gets us all excited about our destination.”

3. Remember to be flexible.  “RV camping is incredibly fun and one of the best things about it is the ability to be flexible. Nothing ever goes to plan, but having a plan makes being flexible easier.”

Flexibility is a big advantage with RVing vacations because when something interesting catches your eye, it’s easy to make spur-of-the-moment route changes.

“RV owners also appreciate the control RVs offer in today’s travel climate. Unlike air travelers, RVers can bring anything they want on vacation — including pets,” states the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association.

“RVing with kids involves a little bit of work, but the memories and time spent with family makes it all worthwhile,” says Alexander. “The biggest lesson we have learned is that all we really need is each other to have a great time.”

In the final post of this 4-part series on ‘RVing with Kids’ we’ll list a few online resources for finding campgrounds.

For the complete series on ‘RVing with Kids,’ click here.

Julianne G. Crane

Photo: Whatever your next RV trip, from picking apples at a nearby farm to traveling cross-country, consider involving your children early in your planning process.  (RVIA.org)

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