Nifty, small Ford van … potential mini RV platform in USA?


Nathan Adlen, an auto writer from Denver, Colorado, wrote about the recent 2009 Denver Auto Show.

Among the many vehicles on display, he was impressed with the small van from Ford.

“I personally think the Ford Transit Connect small industrial van could be the next step in cheap recreational vehicle platforms (a simple FWD, 2.0 liter, 4-cylinder RV chassis). It is in the middle of the Ford display with kayaks attached to the roof.”

According to the Ford Website “Ford is drawing on its success in Europe to introduce innovative, fuel-efficient alternatives to full sized vans to the North American market….

“With its standard 2.0L four-cylinder engine and automatic transmission powerpack, Transit Connect will deliver excellent fuel economy, estimated at 19 mpg city and 24 mpg highway.”

Below is 60-second video from 2009 Chicago Auto Show as produced by

Photo: Ford Transit-Connect.

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  • This looks like a 21st century version of the iconic VW vans a generation ago. I can see alot of young American kids copying their European soulmates and converting this thing into one cool camper. Ford should of released this thing the moment VW decided to go mainstream.

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