Camping World’s ‘Cash for Campers’ recycle, rebate program


In a news release posted on Earth, Camping World launches “Cash for Campers” recycle and save rebate program.”

Camping World’s self-funded “Cash for Campers” program is an effort to mirror the government program “Cash for Clunkers.”

It “incentivizes RV consumers to transition into new and more fuel efficient motorized RVs when they trade in an older, less fuel efficient model,” states the Aug. 11, 2009, news release.

For more information go online to Camping

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  • Hello,
    You deserve a round of applause for your ‘cash for campers’ recycle, rebate program. Its good to see someone in corporate America giving some back in a way that helps us all.
    Hats off gentleman.
    I have recently put a site up dedicated to camping in the west. Unless i here otherwise from Camping World, I would like to post a few kind words for you there. The address is
    Rick Gostovich

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