Favorite RV holiday memory of Bob and Lynn Difley–Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada


bob_lynnLongtime RVers Bob and Lynn Difley have celebrated many Christmases in their RV and share this special holiday memory.

Bob Difley wrote in an e-mail: “As snowbirds we spend Christmas away from the family somewhere in the southwestern deserts.

“One year we decided on Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada, an hour and a half north of Las Vegas, though at the time we didn’t fully differentiate between the warm winters of the Sonora Desert of southern Arizona and the cooler high deserts of the Mojave and Great Basin.

“For our holiday tree, we captured an errant tumbleweed enroute through our campsite, propping it up with a cairn of rocks on our RV’s dash.

“We designed decorations to go on this mini tree by cutting circles out of colored art paper on which we reproduced the Native American petroglyphs found in the park. We hung them on the branches with tiny red and green ribbons.

“With our wrapped presents under our tree and a circle of colored lights around our windshield our creation was quite festive.

“Santa surprised us on Christmas morning by leaving a light dusting of fresh snow on the red rocks and cacti in our desert campsite,” said Difley.

Julianne G. Crane

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Photo: Bob and Lynn Difley. (Courtesy of Health RV Lifestyle.com). Bottom: Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada (Julianne Crane)


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