Dry camping at Escapees’ Park of the Sierras


We pulled into the Escapees’ (SKP) Park of the Sierras mid-afternoon yesterday.

Situated in an attractive location just south of Yosemite National Park, this is a popular stopover for snowbirds heading south through California.

Because of the continuing pleasant weather in this area, many of the regular residents have delayed their departure and the park is at full capacity.

Currently, we are dry camping in the expansive parking lot near the RV park’s office and hope to get into a regular site by Friday. Today we catch up on laundry and walk around the grounds to check out the beautiful sites in the midst of an old growth oak forest.

Photo: Park of the Sierras office (Julianne Crane)

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  • Tom:
    I check with the SKP Sierra Park office this morning … and here is my understanding: In order to camp/park here you must first be an Escapee member (http://www.escapees.com/) or a guest of a member resident of this particular park.
    For new Escapee members, a one-year membership for individuals living in the USA: $60 members + $10 enrollment fee; one-year membership for new members living in Canada: $70 members + $10 enrollment fee. Call toll free: 888-757-2582.
    Oh, to answer your original question, it is only $5/night to dry camp and you get full use of the club house, including hot showers and WIFI.
    Fantastic deal.
    Escapees is a great organization with lots of benefits and really friendly and helpful people.

  • For the sake of some of us who might like to simply “quick-overnight” on a no-services-non-Walmart site, can you tell us roughly what you paid?

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