‘Solo’ young male searching for ‘True American Dream’ at wheel of RV


Randy Primm, a 20-something filmmaker from Seattle, Wash., started his quest for the “True American Dream” in February 2008, traveling the country in ‘Betsy,’ his 24-foot Gulfstream Ultra Class C motorhome that has been hit with more than one rock along the way.

Primm, a true dry-camping boondocker, brags that he hasn’t once stayed at an RV park. “Betsy is equipped with a solar panel on the roof and an inverter under the bed to allow me power whenever I need some,” he says.

His Website, RoadBandit.com, is “an interactive travel website about life on the road.” Watch video below.

Julianne G Crane

Images: Video and photograph by Randy Primm/RoadBandit.com

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