RVing and Motorcycling, part 3: ‘Set up tent trailer in only a few minutes’


MiniMateDepending on the model, these small tent trailers are designed to set up in only a few minutes.

They are so light, that once off the hitch, most can be moved around by hand. Not only are these little rigs easy to set up, they also cost less than other RVs.

For a modest mini camper, hitch, and wiring, expect to spend about $3,500. If you want to add all the bells and whistles, the bottom line could be upwards of $7,000.

“I’m not saying that a couple thousand dollars is not a lot of money,” says motorcyclist and author Dale Coyner, owner of Open Road Outfitters, “however, when you compare it to the cost of other recreation vehicles, or staying in hotels while touring, it is relatively small.”

As for amenities, the Mini Mate Camper by Kompact Kamp Trailers of Myerstown, Pa., features a fiberglass 40-inch by 60-inch body and lid with luggage rack, a double bed, and off-the-ground changing room. The tent has 6 feet 4 inches of headroom at the peak and features LED lights, stabilizer jacks, independent rubber torsion suspension, and 15 cubic feet of storage.

To see the how easy it is to set up the Time Out Deluxe Motorcycle Camper watch the Open Road Outfitters’ YouTube video below.

In part 4 of this 5-part series, we talk more about these “Low profile, off-the-ground campers” To read the complete 5-part series on “RVing and Motorcycling,’ click here.

Julianne G. Crane

Photo: Mini Mate pop-up travel trailer set up at camp. (Courtesy of Open Road Outfitters)

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