Longtime RVer and storyteller Jeff Daniels sings ‘Recreational Vehicle’


It was a delight to stumble onto an interview of  longtime RVer, actor and musician Jeff Daniels recently posted on ‘All about Ann Arbor’ / WDIV ClickOnDetroit because of the posted YouTube video of the storyteller singing “Recreational Vehicle.”

Associate producer Matt Giles wrote: “‘Recreational Vehicle’ is one of Daniels’ most unique songs and one of his funniest. The song lasts for about 13 minutes and tells the story of his own family road trip gone hilariously awry when Daniels accidentally leaves his wife behind at a gas station. Throughout the story, which builds to a perfect ending, Daniels shares his insights about driving a recreational vehicle for the first time and why no one should call themselves a true American unless they’ve been behind the wheel of one.”

Daniels is quoted as saying: “Driving a recreational vehicle is a little like driving this theater, especially when you have had no instruction. So if you happen to be driving down the interstate and you see a recreational vehicle, give it room.”

To read the full article and listen to four additional Daniels’ songs, click on “Jeff Daniels returns to The Michigan in November. We picked our favorite songs for the occasion.”

Julianne G. Crane

Photo: Publicity shot of Jeff Daniels from film, ‘RV’

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