Women RV buyers


Thomas Alan Gray reports on Suite 101.com about RVing Women.org and the growing number of women enjoying the RV lifestyle.

“A woman and a couple of friends may hop into the RV for a few days away from the stresses of work, spouses, children, housekeeping. A widow may elect to keep the rig and continue a well-loved lifestyle. Whatever the reason, more women seem to be RVing,” writes Gary.

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Image: In the May/June issue of RVing Women Magazine: Fire Safety, Convention Preview, Common Sense Art

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  • Where has this guy been? Women RVers are hardly “new news”; many women, including those who are “solo by choice or circumstance”, not only travel frequently in their RVs, but are extended-time or fulltime RVers. Yes, we can drive that great big thing all by ourselves, and, no, we’re not afraid to travel without a man! 😉

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